Spare-it at Home

Simplify ahead

the right equipment


1. Subcribe to local delivery for milk, eggs and meat

1. Bring bags (regular + cooler)

1. Non local

2. Go to local farmer market

2. Bring filets for vegetables

2. Non seasonal

3. Find the closest shop with bulk and refill station

3. Have container for meat and fish

3. Plastic wrap

4. Buy permanent thing and use refillable container

4. Return glass bottle

4. Single use plastic 

5. Always have this in your car

5. Plan shopping list / plan meals

5. Stop recieving catalogs in your mailbox

6. Use composte bin if you have a backyard 

6. Shop little often rather stocking

7. Choose homemade recipe using leftover ingredients.

8. Freeze leftover before it is too late

7. Use worm farm 

8. Have poultry 

8. Have sink garbage disposal