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Every little step counts

Updated: May 24, 2022

With a desk-side waste bin, it's convenient to toss any type of waste in without a second thought, but do you really pay attention to what you throw out?

Instead of thinking of waste as one-size-fits-all, Spare-it recommends centralized sorting stations, featuring specialized scales, that highlight the different waste streams needed, like

  • General waste/Garbage/Trash and recycling paper in the office areas/co-working spaces,

  • All waste streams (general waste/garbage/trash, food waste/compost, plastic, metal, glass and paper) in the coffee/break-out areas.

With centralized bins, we make it harder to dispose of waste incorrectly, and easier to recycle what needs to be recycled. Thanks to these centralized sorting stations, different types of waste stream will be available at the same location, easily accessible to everyone. This will help improve sorting, get better recycling and increase diversion.

The layout of the sorting stations is designed to be easily accessible and visible to a group of co-workers, within reach from each desk. Going to the sorting station will allow you to get up from your desk to ease your body, reboot your brain and increase your productivity at work. You will also be able to enjoy increased legroom with fewer obstacles and more space under your desk. Additionally, by centralizing the bins, it will simplify waste collection by the cleaning team.

Setting up central sorting stations is a strong step towards reducing waste and contamination. The removal of the individual bins helps raise awareness on the waste generated and on sorting, encouraging recycling and proper recycling practices.

Be part of the transformation.

Every little step counts to reduce your environmental impact.

Start using the centralized sorting stations.

We believe that small changes can drive great results.

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