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Updated: May 24, 2022

A Smart Waste Reduction Challenge has been launched in your office in partnership with Spare-It, a Boston based start-up.

The Challenge utilizes innovative technology solutions that have been deployed in your building, to measure waste and raise employee awareness through interactive engagement.

Your goal: reduce waste

We invite you to act as a game-changer at your company, whose goal is to reduce the amount of waste generated. Additionally, we are looking to increase the diversion rate, which is the proportion of waste diverted from landfill/incineration to recycling or composting. Lastly, we are looking to decrease the contamination rate, which is the proportion of waste improperly sorted (e.g. recyclables in the trash bin, general waste in the recycling bin...)

Spare-it is here to help! As part of the challenge, you and your colleagues might also be competing with other floors or other companies; check out your company's progress at the designated challenge screens.

Join this challenge for more impact together!

Everyone is highly encouraged to participate and support this collective challenge!

We need your commitment to sustainability:

✅ Do your best to sort properly using the signage

✅ Recycle whenever possible

✅ Reduce trash by changing your habits

✅ Lead by example at your workplace

✅ Look regularly at the data on the dashboards

✅ Follow our tips on the screens or on this blog

✅ Become aware of the impact of your choices

Don't hesitate to ask questions about the challenge, or let us know if you have any suggestions!

Sign the pledge!

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