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Pursue the Smart Waste Reduction Challenge at home!

You’ve been spending more time at home along with working remotely, this is a great opportunity to reduce waste at home too!

Here are some ways:

Choose reusables over disposables

The average consumer typically uses a single use plastic bag for twelve minutes. After those twelve minutes, it can take up to 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose (5).

Ditch the disposables by:

  • carrying your own reusable bag when shopping

  • using your reusable cup or mug to avoid the single use coffee cup

  • refilling your own bottle instead of buying bottled water

  • bringing your own lunch box and/or container to limit takeout waste

  • refusing single use cutlery, use your own silverware

  • opting for a reusable straw…

Reduce waste from printing

Be mindful when you print from home:

  • Think twice before printing, print only if really required

  • Opt for recycled paper

  • Opt for recyclable ink cartridge

  • Don't forget to recycle your paper

Reduce packaging waste

The world produces 400 million tonnes of plastic every year : 36% is single use packaging (2):

Plastic and other packaging waste makes up around 30% of total US waste annually (3).

780 million pieces of plastic packaging have been used for Hong Kong online shopping orders in 2020 (4).

To avoid excessive packaging, prefer

  • in-store shopping rather than online,

  • bulk buying,

  • refill shops…

Reduce food waste

One kilogram of food waste produces the same amount of carbon emissions as 25,000 500ml plastic bottles (6).

What you can do to reduce food waste:

  • Plan your meals

  • Make a shopping list

  • Buy only what you need

  • Organize your fridge

  • Order smaller portions

  • Store, freeze and be creative with leftovers…

And learn more here

Reduce plastic waste and single use plastic

The personal care and beauty industry produces more than 120 billion units of packaging every year globally (1). Only a small proportion get recycled. This plastic pollution should be addressed.

A few ideas:

  • Switch your bottles of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner… for solid bars!

  • Try toothpaste tablets!

  • Opt for refill stations for your cleaning products.

  • Eliminate cellophane and cling wrap by switching to beeswax wrap…

At home or at work, every little step counts to reduce waste!









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