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No Recyclables in the Trash Bin

Next time you sit down to lunch at the office, take a mental snapshot of your spread. You’ll observe that mealtimes are rife with all sorts of packaging and temporary containers: aluminum cans, plastic bottle, glass bottle, plastic container, wax paper, plastic wrap, brown paper bag...

When you’re finished, it’s easy to throw out instead of sorting it out, but you can give your trash a second life when you properly dispose of your recyclables and compostable food waste.

Each time you eat you can make a difference when you properly recycle, dispose, or compost. What can we do to make sure we stay green at lunchtime? Spare-it has some easy tips to up your waste reduction game.

Please check what goes where in Boston, New York or Hong Kong.

Most metals, glass, plastic containers, clean paper can be recycled. The rules for specific items like plastic bags or food packaging depend on your area. If you enjoy a lemon wedge in your water, remove it from the bottle before tossing in the recycling bin.

As for your lunch leftovers, most items can be disposed of in compost/food waste recycling bin!

No more full lunch bag in the trash bin. Please take time to sort out your recyclables.

Do you think you will try during your next lunch hour?

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